This is the Official website of Casil Motors a Las Vegas, Nevada based Manufacturer specializing in ultra exclusive bespoke tailor made supercars.

“setting spanking new standards for ride and agility among supercars and offering similarly delicious rewards for the ultimate enthusiast”.

-Autocar on the Bugatti EB110, 16 March 1994


On March 16, 1994 Autocar magazine detailed their unique experience with the Bugatti EB110. An automotive relic was born. Now, two decades later, we wish to share with everyone our personal vision of the car. A collaboration effort between B Engineering and Casil Motors to introduce a supercar that is a true modern classic.  Riding on the same carbon fiber chassis, built by the same engineers, and loved by the same enthusiasts, we present to you the SP-110 Edonis Fenice. 


Handcrafted in Italy only by the best

SP-110 Edonis Fenice

The Edonis Fenice, a true Italian thoroughbred. Twelve Cylinders, 700 horsepower, Rear wheel drive, a six speed manual, and one magnificent story. The SP-110 Edonis lays ahead.

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SP-200 SIN

The Ultimate Hybrid Hypercar. 

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