As we began this collaboration, we went into it with the idea to build something truly unique that was far from the usual modern wheels that we are so used to creating.

Ferrari created the P80C for one very fortunate client and managed to combine the spirit of every previous hyper car into one design.  Button found most of that spirit to be in the complexity of the center locking mono block wheels.  This spirit served as the inspiration for the face of the BB01.  While the face was inspired by the future of Ferrari, the assembly and other aspects were inspired by it’s history.  The double staggered triple & double step lipped design was inspired by the legendary Ferrari 308 GTB Turbo Group 5 race car that was expired before Button was born.

See below to view product and installed photos of this wheel style. For custom renderings / to see this wheel on your vehicle, please contact


BRIXTON FORGED x BUtton built FERRARI 328GTS: As wheel designs and technology evolve, others subside…rendering them relics of the past.  These relics serve as a foundation for the future of the motorsport industry.  We must cultivate this foundation from time to time in order to optimize the integrity and character of our wheels. Leaves may change, but roots never do.

This begins the collaboration with Button Built…A builder who’s encyclopedic memory supersedes his youth allowing him to reference eras of motorsport that most never knew existed. The Button Built BB328 is an unparalleled timeless creation that has in the months following it’s debut, rewritten the formula for what we consider to be Top Shelf…While many set out to make a splash, Button simply set out to create something timeless and gain appreciation for his vision rather than Instagram fame, or money.