About us



Casil Motors is a Las Vegas-based automotive company, previously known as PSC Motors. We have worked with small companies, and design teams over the last decade providing consulting and bringing partners together to further strengthen bonds, and nurture the projects that they may be a part of. 

At midnight on January 1st, 2000 the very first car of the new millennium was unveiled. It was a rear wheel drive, 12 cylinder monster based on the Bugatti EB110. It was a vehicle like no other. It produced ridiculous power to the rear wheels, and had to be respected and tamed. To many it was a great supercar, but to some it was more than that. It was the Edonis. 

The Edonis was built by B Engineering, a team of engineers who were left with nothing when Bugatti went bankrupt in the late 90's. This organization of dedicated, and passionate team members set out to create something entirely different. Something that they truly envisioned when working on the EB110 less than a decade earlier. 

Now its back. With the help of Casil Motors, B Engineering will be bringing the Edonis back for a full production run 17 years after its initial release, exactly as everyone remembers it. 

12 cylinders, over 700 horsepower, rear wheel drive, and a manual gear box. A supercar that defines unquestionable performance. 

The Edonis is back.