The great cross-roads of history are rich in symbols; because of this they often have the power to move man's imagination. They are therefore conducive to the emergence of projects which are themselves rich in symbolic meaning. Amongst all human endeavours of a technological nature, the development of the automobile has probably had the biggest impact on the 20th century. For many, the car is still an endless source of sheer passion and wonder. To celebrate the passage of the car into the 3rd millenium through an invitation into the realm of dream and pleasure: such is the vision of the Edonis project.

Nicola Materazzi Engineer of the Lancia Stratos, Ferrari F40, and the Edonis recalling the events of Bugatti's downfall and the creation of the Edonis. 

A Video by Davide Cironi Drive Experience

The Edonis's project director, Nicola Materazzi, has a resume that screams supercar pioneer. He was the main contractor for the likes of Bugatti, and then from 1990, he worked for Ferrari on projects such as the GTO Evoluzione and F40. He was also top dog at Ferrari's F1 research and design division.

“The Edonis is a classic Modenese supercar, with a striking body fashioned from hand-beaten aluminium, rear-drive only and a phenomenally potent, 3.8-litre, twin-turbo development of the Bugatti V12. It's an altogether rawer take on the supercar theme, possibly the most raw there has ever been…”

-evo on the Edonis, 31 MAR 2005

Record Breaker

The 720 horsepower Edonis managed to break the circuit record of the nardo race circuit in Italy by lapping it at 223mph

A swan song to a forgotten legend

The Bugatti EB 110 was unveiled on September 15th 1991, exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugatti's birth. The EB110 was an extremely advanced supercar for its time, powered by a 3.5-liter quad turbocharged V12 engine producing over 550 horsepower. The EB110 had aluminum body panels and one of the first applications of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. The EB110 came to an unfortunate end in 1995 after only 139 cars were produced, according to Bugatti officials when the company closed its doors 60 Vehicles were still on order for the American market.


Shortly after the unfortunate demise of Bugatti, several former employees who were part of the EB110 project set out to build the car as they had always dreamed of it. This is where the story of the Edonis begins. The Edonis would sit on a modified version of the EB110 chassis, but this was going to be a completely different monster. This was a car that would know no restrictions, it would be built exactly as the engineers had visioned it. Over the development of the Edonis, multiple changes would be made to the original EB110. The Edonis would sport an improved version of the Bugatti V12. Increasing the displacement from 3.5 Litres to 3.8 Litres, two massive turbos would be added and the all wheel drive system would be swapped out with a rear wheel drive setup. At 720bhp all of these modifications and more would help make the Edonis a truly devastating example of raw power.


SP-110 Edonis Fenice

The Last of it`s kind. The Ultimate Analog Supercar.

Built For the purist who wants a supercar with no compromise

Only 15 cars are planned for production of the new Edonis supercar. 

The Edonis will be built on the original Bugatti EB110 chassis. These are original, never before-used, homologated Bugatti chassis. This means the car can be sold anywhere internationally, no matter if you live in Europe, the United States, or the Middle East, the car can be owned and driven anywhere.

To own this car is to own a piece of history. The Edonis Fenice rides on the Bugatti EB110 chassis, powered by a sophisticated 3.8 litre V12 engine which throws all of the power into the rear wheels, and mated to a six speed manual transmission. This is not just another supercar. This is a car dedicated to the raw driving experience.

  This is the Edonis Fenice. 

SP-110 Specifications


Top Speed 220+ mph


0-60 mph in 3.4 Seconds


0-100 mph in 8.2 seconds





B engineering EB110 Derived

Twin Turbo 3.8L V12


6 Speed Manual Transmission


Rear Wheel Drive


front brakes- cross drilled and ventilated discs, Abs/355mm/14in

REar brakes- cross drilled and ventilated discs, abs/335mm/13in


Bugatti EB110 Carbon Fiber Monocoque Chassis


Hand Beaten Aluminium Body


Starting at - €690,000


The Engine

Our 3.8L V12 engine is made using the same engine molds from the original EB110. We have increased the displacement from 3.5 liters to 3.8 liters, and the original four small IHI turbochargers have been replaced by two larger units.






Upon your inquiry into the Edonis, a meeting will be arranged to assure that the Edonis is the right fit for you. This will require a $2500 fully refundable deposit. You will follow the build of your Edonis every step of the way. During our initial meeting you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of color options, as well as exclusive options from the original EB110 color palette to truly create a beautiful exterior. Whether you want a striped-out race car or luxury finishes we will work with you to build the ultimate cabin for your Edonis. After you've chosen your unique exterior color, we move towards designing you a unique and bespoke interior personalized by your selection of leathers and materials. Presenting the experience of the Edonis to you is what we, at Casil Motors, strive for. We value the vision you have of your dream car. When you’re sure that the Edonis is the car for you, we’ll ask you to approve your personal Edonis build sheet. After approval a deposit for the build will be made, and one of the fifteen original Bugatti chassis will be assigned to you. This is where the real journey begins. You’ll be updated regularly on the build of your vehicle until the day of delivery arrives. On the day that your vehicle is finished, you will receive an invitation to come to the B Engineering factory in Campogalliano, Italy and review your specification in person. This will also be your first chance to drive your Edonis on beautiful Italian roads.

Interested in 1 of 15 

SP-110 Edonis Rinascita aero package


Ultimate performance & HANDLING on and off the track 

A part of your selection process is deciding whether you want the classic Fenice body style, or our updated Rinascita aero package. The aero package adds an aggressive and modernized take on the original Edonis design. This fully functional body kit brings down force in the way of front louvers, a rear diffuser, and additional carbon components to aid in increased driving performance and handling.


The Rinascita Aero Package is a true testament of modern beauty, applied to classic craftsmanship. This redesigned version of the Edonis’ extraordinary looks gives a contemporary touch to breath just the right amount of new life into an already beautiful automobile.

This option will be available for all Edonis models that we build.


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